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Version: 1.10.0

Consume Data Overview

The Tributech DataSpace Kit offers data consumption on many levels, for which an overview is given here.

Subscribe to a Dataset

Datasets are used to share data with other participants in the Dataspace. Follow the link to find out how to subscribe to a shared Dataset.

Stream Explorer

Data visualization via the DSK Node's web portal. The Stream Explorer provides a detailed look of a stream's time series data including auto refresh.


The DSK Node provides a set of REST APIs to access data as well as verify data authenticity and data integrity. Learn more about how to use them in our REST API guide.


An Audit Tool is available on every DSK node which helps to manually verify data sets. Head over to the Audit section to learn how to use it.


Grafana is an open source project which allows you to create dashboards and charts, directly from your data sets. How to set up a Grafana dashboard is explained here.