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DSK Node Integration Overview

The DSK Node offers two APIs which are used for integration: the Data API (values) and the Trust API (proofs). All of the available endpoints usually work with the UUID of a data stream (ValueMetadataId + Timestamp). Both of them can be easily integrated through our ready-to-use solutions explained here.

Trust API#

The Trust API provides the interface to consume/store proofs used for data auditability. This API is offered for Agents to submit their proofs.
The Trust API also comes with an integrated Agent which can be used to store values and create the according proofs - the DSK Agent Integrated.
Furthermore the Trust API also contains endpoints to validate the auditability of data.

Data API#

The Data Api is used to consume/store the actual values of a data stream.

Swagger UI#

Both the Trust API and the Data API come with a Swagger UI. Please follow our guide for accessing the instance of your node or alternatively if you just want to quickly check out the available endpoints then you can have a look at our public demo instances here:

Next steps#