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Consume data via APIs

In this guide you will learn how you can consume your own Datasets and Subscriptions via the built in APIs of your DataSpace Node.


The prerequisits for consuming data from a Subscription via the integrated APIs are, that a Dataset must be available at your node.
If you followed the Quick Start guide, then those prerequisites should be fulfilled.

This could be in one of two ways:

  • You are Data Owner: You own some Datasets and have your own data on your node (Owner DB)
  • You are Data Consumer: You have been granted a Subscription to a Dataset and the data is already synchronised to your node (Consumer DB)

General info#

Navigate to the Data API / Trust API of your node and Authorize yourself by following our Swagger UI Authorization Guide.

You can retrieve the valueMetadataId which is a unique id for a data stream by copying it in the DataSpace Admin App as described here.

Retrieving values through the Data API#

You can retrieve values for one of your data streams through the /values/{valueMetadataId} endpoint.

Click "Try it out", paste the valueMetadataId, scroll down and click "Execute".

Retrieve values

Other endpoints#

You can access all other endpoints the same way. Note that for a lot of endpoints you will also need a timestamp. A ValueMetadataId and a Timestamp together uniquely identify a certain value.