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Publish the Dataset

Now that the values are streaming in, we want to simulate the consumer part of the auditable data sharing. The Dataset has already been created in a previous step and can now be published, so that a data-consumer can see and consume the data.

Add Publication#

In the DataSpace Admin App, navigate to "My Datasets" on the left side menu. Then select one of your Datasets (probably the previously created in step Create a Dataset) and click on "Add Publication" for the selected Dataset

Publish Datset

Select Audience#

As a first step you will have to set the Audience.

Publishing a Dataset means that you make the descriptive metadata visible for other members of your DataSpace Ecosystem, so they can request access to your Datasets and subscribe to them if you grant access. If you want to publish a Dataset you have two different options.

Selecting "Public" means that metadata is visible for all members of the Ecosystem. The data is not automatically shared with all members. Instead other members will get the option to request access to your dataset.

Selecting "Invite" means that the data will only be visible to a selected group of members, which you invite explicitly.

For the purpose of this guide select "Public".


Select sources and streams#

Select the sources and streams you want to share. As you see in the example you can selectively choose which streams you want to publish. If you choose a data source you can select which streams of the data source you want to publish.

For this example, select all the streams for the data source.

Select Streams

Select a timeframe#

Next, select a timeframe for your Publication. This timeframe sets the period that possible data-consumers can request to subscribe for. The real consumable timeframe depends on the availability of each stream. The available date for each stream is defined by the metadata field "Available from" that is set initially when the stream of the Dataset is created.

Select Timeframe

Select a contract#

If you also want to include some governance, you have the possibility to upload a contract that contains the terms of use that must be agreed upon as part of the request process. Select the checkbox and upload a PDF file containing your terms of use.


Publish your Dataset#

Before completing the publishing process, please review your selection. After you publish a Dataset, it will be visible for other members (depending on the Audience selection) in your DataSpace Ecosystem. After submission, other members can send a Request if they want to consume your data.

Review & Finisch