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This page explains the setup options for a DSK node and its prerequisites.



Your new DSK Node has to join a DSK Ecosystem. In general, there are no limitations on how you can structure a DSK Ecosystem. We recommend a segmentation in 2 categories:

Private DSK Ecosystems for the data exchange in your value chain with for example your customers, suppliers and partners.

Open DSK Ecosystems for the data exchange with businesses, researchers and communities outside your value chain to drive innovation, try new use-cases and services or monetize data.


The requirements to install a DSK Node depend significantly on the amount of data being processed. As a standard infrastructure setup, we recommend that you meet the following requirements:

Software Requirements#

  • Any up-to-date Linux distribution
    • Recommended: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or later
  • Docker Engine (≥20) + Docker-Compose (≥1.26)

Hardware Requirements#

TypeMinimum RequirementRecommend Requirement
CPU2 Cores4 Cores
Storage System10 GB15 GB
Storage Datadepending on use-casen/a

If you have any questions regarding infrastructure requirements, please talk to your contact person at Tributech or send an email to our Customer Advisory Team.


Select a DSK Ecosystem#

If you want to join a DSK ecosystem, please select one of the following options:

Deploy a DSK Node on Azure#

A DSK Node can be deployed on Azure using the Azure Marketplace offer. Take a look at our Quickstart Guide for more details on how to deploy a DSK Node (showcase for deployment to Tributech Playground).

Deploy DSK Node on-premises or at other cloud providers#

The DSK Node can also be deployed on-premises or in a virtual machine on any of the major public cloud providers. Self-installation is currently not supported for a setup of a DSK Node outside of Azure, please talk to your contact person at Tributech or send an email to our Customer Advisory Team.