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Setup Options

This page explains the setup options for a DSK node and its prerequisites.



Your new DSK Node has to join a DataSpace Ecosystem. In general, there are no limitations on how you can structure a DataSpace Ecosystem. We recommend a segmentation in 2 categories:

Private DataSpace Ecosystems for the data exchange in your value chain with for example your customers, suppliers and partners.

Open DataSpace Ecosystems for the data exchange with businesses, researchers and communities outside your value chain to drive innovation, try new use-cases and services or monetize data.

DSK Node on Azure#

Although other setup options are also available, the easiest way to setup the DSK Node is through the Azure Marketplace. See the quick start guide on how to setup a node on Azure in the public Dataspace Ecosystem.

DSK Node On Premise or other Cloud Providers#

The DSK Node can also be deployed on premise or in a virtual machine on any of the major public cloud providers. See the requirements and contact us.