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Version: 2.0.0


The edge device must meet the following hardware and software requirements.

Hardware Requirements

TypeMinimum RequirementRecommend Requirement
CPU1 Core (x86-64 / ARM32 )2 Cores
RAM1 GB Ram2 GB Ram

The DSK Agent Edge itself does not actually consume that much RAM these are the requirements for the whole system. Keep in mind that these requirements strongly depend on the overall setup and the actual load of the agent. These are minimum requirements for rather small to medium amounts of data. If high volumes of data have to be processed the requirements are higher.

If you have any questions regarding infrastructure requirements, please talk to your contact person at Tributech or send an email to our Customer Advisory Team.

Software Requirements

OSAny current Linux DistributionUbuntu 18.04 LTS or later
RuntimeDocker Engine (≥20) + Docker-Compose (≥1.26)Docker Engine + Docker-Compose


Docker / Docker Compose

The Tributech Agent Edge services can be run using Docker Engine as a container runtime. We use Docker Compose for management/orchestration of the Docker services and provide examples for Docker-Compose and Azure .

If you want to use any other container runtime (e.g. containerd) please talk to your contact person at Tributech or send an email to our Customer Advisory Team.

Docker Compose management commands

In the following we show some of the basic Docker Compose commands for the management of the Docker services of the Tributech Edge Agent. Check the docker-compose CLI and Docker CLI documentation for a full overview of the commands.

Depending on your environment the commands might need to be run as root using sudo.

# pull docker images for all services
docker-compose pull

# create & start all services
docker-compose up -d

# check service status
docker-compose ps

# check logs of specific service (-f for following log output)
docker-compose logs -f -t --tail=500 dsk-agent

# stop all services
docker-compose stop
# stop single service
docker-compose stop dsk-agent
# restart single service
docker-compose restart dsk-agent
# start all services
docker-compose start
# start single service
docker-compose start dsk-agent

# remove services
docker-compose down


Api Keys

Api Keys are required for different components to build and/or operate in the provided examples.

  • Login to the DataspaceAdmin
  • Click on your account (top right) and than Administration API Keys - 1
  • Go to API Keys API Keys - 2