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Version: 2.0.0

Tributech Agent Configuration

After successfully linking an Agent using the Agent Companion it can be configured. The recommended option is to configure the Agent via the Dataspace Admin (DSA).

Configure Agent

  • Login into Tributech Node
  • Navigate to the Agent Section DSA & Configure 1
  • Locate your newly linked Agent and click on it DSA & Configure 2
  • Ensure your device is online DSA & Configure 3
  • Click on "Configuration" DSA & Configure 4
  • The current state of your device will automatically be loaded DSA & Configure 5
  • By right-clicking on the device you can open the edit menu DSA & Configure 6
  • Here you can also link new sources DSA & Configure 7
  • As an alternative you can also import an existing twin configuration defined with Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL) Version 2 or a template DSA & Configure 8

After editing the form you need to press the Apply button on the bottom of the form to store the changes. To apply the configuration to the device you need to press the Apply Configuration button in the header of the editor.