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Version: 2.0.0

Hardware Options

For the development of embedded IoT devices we offer two hardware variants. The Tributech OEM Module itself, which can be directly integrated into the PCB hardware design as a SoM and an Arduino Shield for prototyping. The shield can be used with all popular hardware development platforms like Arduino Uno, STM32 Nucelo, Infineon XMC Relax Kit and more.

Tributech OEM Module

The Tributech OEM module is packaged as a system-on-module (SoM) to allow an easy integration into the hardware design of embedded devices.


Hardware Specification
(H x W x D)
32 x 22 x 3mm
Operation temperature range-25°C to 85°C
Power supply+3.3V to +5.5V
Humidity (at 40°C)93% (none-condensing)
Chip/ProcessorNordic nRF9160/64 MHz ARM© Cortex©-M33 1MB flash + 256kB RAM
Security & Root-of-TrustInfineon OPTIGATM Trust M ARM Trust Zone ARM CryptoCell-300
ConnectivityMultimode LTE-M /NB-IoT modem with GPS 700-2200MHz LTE band support Certified for global operation eSIM or external SIM-card socket
Antenna connector typeU.FL-R-SMT-1(10)
Module InterfaceUART device interface protocol for telemetry data, configurations and updates

Tributech Arduino Shield


Hardware Specification
Dimensions (H x W x D)57 x 53 x 20mm
Operation temperature range-25°C to 85°C
Power supply+3.3V to +5.5V
Humidity (at 40°C)93% (none-condensing)
Chip/ProcessorTributech OEm Module (SoM)
ConnectivityLTE-M / NB-IoT
SIMMicro SIM-card socket

Hardware Design

An embedded IoT device that integrates the Tributech OEM Module into its hardware design typically consists of three parts. Part 1: the Tributech OEM Module which takes care of connectivity, data management, configurations, updates, and security. Part 2: the application-specific micro-controller which takes care of data pre-processing and business logic. Part 3: the sensors and interfaces needed for the application.