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Version: 2.0.0

Provide Data Overview

Data for a Tributech Node can be provided in many ways, for which an overview is given here.

API Integration

Our Node offers a set of REST APIs to provide data. Learn more about how to use them in our API Integration Guide.

IoT Integration

IoT devices can provide data with the Tributech Agent Edge. This service offers several "Sources" to interface with.

MQTTTo provide data through an MQTT message bus, follow the MQTT Source Guide.
OPC-UAFor an OPC-UA conform interface, check out the OPC-UA Source Guide.
Beckhoff ADSTo provide data through an Beckhoff ADS PLC Server, check out the ADS Source Guide.
Simulated SensorTo provide generated test data, a Simulated Source can be used.

Create and publish a Dataset

Datasets are used to selectively share data with other users and connected Tributech Nodes. Click here to find out how to create and publish a shared Dataset.