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Version: 1.10.0

OPC-UA Source

The OPC UA Source allows to connect to OPC Unified Architecture (UA) based servers for data integration. The DSK OPC UA Source act's as a OPC UA client and forwards the received data for a stream to the main DSK Edge Agent service (dsk-agent) via our MQTT broker.
If the DSK OPC UA Source service (opcua-source) is deployed along with our DSK Edge Agent services it can be configured based on twins with our Agent Companion as described in the following:

  • Open the Agent Companion, login to the DSK Node and connect with the DKS Edge Agent
  • Add OPC UA Source and configure OPC UA Connection stringOPC UA Source - AgentCompanion - Configure 1
  • Add OPC UA Stream(s) and configure OPC UA identifier (which defines the endpoint to which the stream will be connected) OPC UA Source - AgentCompanion - Configure 2
  • Full example (incl. persistence and publish options for the streams) OPC UA Source - AgentCompanion - Configure 3
  • Upload To Device
  • (Optional) Verify configured streams in DataSpace-Admin at Streams of Agent OPC UA Source - AgentCompanion - Configure 4

OPC UA debugging

The following sample commands demonstrate how you can debug an OPC UA server using a Docker container of the opcua-commander tool.

# connect to host network and OPC UA server accessible on localhost port 4840
sudo docker run --rm -it --network host barta/opcua-commander opcua-commander -e opc.tcp://localhost:4840
# connect to docker bridge `edge-net` and access `opcua-server` service on port 4840
sudo docker run --rm -it --network tributech_edge-net barta/opcua-commander opcua-commander -e opc.tcp://opcua-server:4840

OPC UA commander